Teachable Moment Kits for Busy Parents – Unstationary

Teachable Moment Craft Kits

Share a memorable and relevant lesson with your child or teen. Conversation and questions guides are embedded in the craft's assembly instructions.


You are a Busy AND Involved Parent

As parents ourselves, we get how overwhelming it can be stay on top of your current agenda and still have space to teach life lesson it your kids and teens. We've just made the second part a wee bit easier for you.

Totally Analog

To connect, let's turn off the screens. With printed assembly instructions and conversation guides, we enable you to have a truly digital-free experience.

Prepared by Experts

With over 20 (combined) years of working with kids and students teaching life lessons, we've taken what we learned and packaged it for you.

Lesson Remembered

Your kid's completed craft stands as a visual reminder of their insights gained during their teachable moment. Use it help them remember the lesson.