Life Lessons

  • What are your strengths?

    Have you ever thought about how many kinds of robots exist? They’re in hospitals, outer space, factories, underwater, in our homes and many of them...
  • Space Rocket: Life Lesson

    Small steps done well along the way will lead to that big, rocket-launching moment of you reaching your goal. Use the Space Rocket Life Lesson as a tool to help you plan that next goal and crush it! 

  • Palm Tree: Life Lesson

    Moving through a stormy season? During the windy pressure of storms, flexibility is the palm tree's saving grace. In this Palm Tree life lesson, we'll discover flexibility can be ours too.
  • Creative Garden: Life Lesson

    In the Creative Garden life lesson, we'll compare the big things in our life to a garden and double check if those are truly the things we actually wanted to grow and also how to best take care of them. 
  • Vintage Camper: Life Lesson

    In this life lesson, we'll discover that the stuff in our camper could be so heavy that it weighs us down - making forward movement really hard. OR it could loaded with stuff that helps us on our journey - like extra food or gas - it helps us to keep going. What's in your "camper"?