Creative Garden: Life Lesson

Longwood Gardens, located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania is a large piece of land with sprawling lawns, fancy gardens, fountains, indoor conservatories and every flowering or non-flowering plant in every color and size you could imagine! A lot of people work there every day to take guests through it, maintain the property and to care for the plants and flowers in whatever way each kind needs in order to flourish. It’s a truly astonishing place to visit!

You can usually tell when someone is taking care of a garden. The gardener decides what to plants and gets to create the garden he or she desires. They knows what works best in lots of sunlight, which plant needs a lot of water, if the soil is acidic or basic, and which plants need extra space to grow to their full height. 

Let’s compare the big things in our life to a garden - in that it's filled with, or has “planted” in it, all sorts of different “flowers” that we give different amounts of time and attention to. If we look at the things we do every day as flowers we’ve chosen to plant, maybe we should double-check that they’re the things we actually want to grow and also learn how to best take care of them.

Think of the different things going on in your life right now. I’m talking about relationships, friendships, social media, school or work, parents, exercise or hobbies.

Get Moving

shop creative garden paper craft kitAs you build your Creative Garden, imagine the pencil stands for your ability to add in or take out things in your garden (your life). You can write on the plant leaves the things you want in your garden. You can even visualize a garden with your friends growing in it if it helps! Here are some points to respond to about the things you’re choosing to grow in your garden:

  • Am I happy with what’s growing?
  • Who or what do I seem to take really good care of? How much time do I give it?  
  • What is something I want to keep but I need to learn more about it and how to take care of it?
  • Who or what takes up most of my time? Since it takes so much of my time, is it worth it? Is it growing well?
  • Have I been comparing my garden to other people’s gardens?
  • Assuming I can choose to keep or take something out, would I change anything?

If you see gardens regularly you may notice that they all look different. Some have flowers, some vegetables, some have leafy plants and some have herbs that will be snipped off and used for cooking dinner. Some gardens could also be called ‘landscaping’ but the idea behind them are the same. The gardener chooses what to plant and they want it to grow well. 

When you look at your Creative Garden, remember that you are the gardener and you have the opportunity to fill your life with the flowers that are best suited for your garden! 

Written by Loretta Washburn