Palm Tree: Life Lesson

Did you know that palm trees are among the most flexible trees in the world? They can bend 40 to 50 degrees! That plays a pretty big role in why Palm Trees can survive really bad weather.

I live on the coast of Georgia, and we get lots of rain and wind from passing hurricanes at least once a year. We have large oaks - with big trunks and branches - and palm trees, with their thin trunk that can flow in the wind.

When lots of wind comes and puts lots of pressure on the trees - which one do you think holds up the best? The oak with its strong trunk, or the palm tree with its flexible trunk?

It’s a tough call for sure - but my money is on the Palm Tree. When hurricanes come by, I see large trees and branches down, but the palm trees stand tall - maybe with a few less fronds. I think we could learn a lot from this.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and they didn’t have your favorite meal on the menu? What are you going to do now? Or what about disagreeing with someone? Was it their way or no way? Those situations and many like them are pretty rigid - they aren’t flexible. And when that happens our forward progress slows or stops.

Being flexible, like a palm tree, helps see new opportunities. 

  • Like when you’re at that restaurant and they don’t have your favorite meal - you get to discover a new one!

Being flexible also helps see things from another person’s point of view. 

  • Like when your friend disagreed - instead of not learning why  - that would be pretty rigid - instead we ask why and what made them think or feel a certain way.

Being flexible will also help us learn and grow more. For instance if I’m trying to figure out how to make a paper craft and I only know one way to go about it - but it’s not working - should I be rigid and only do what I know? Or should I be flexible and try new things that might solve my problem better?


Get Moving

shop palm tree kitsOnce you have your palm tree done, maybe put it by your desk so when you’re working it can stand as a reminder to be flexible; or on your dresser as a reminder for your day. With a flexible mindset you’ll see new opportunities, discover other people’s point of view, and grow - sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

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