Space Rocket: Life Lesson

Whenever I get to see a rocket launch, I’m always filled with awe. There’s a sense of wonder that such an amazing thing is even possible, as well as a hope for whatever the mission is to be successful. To those of us watching from a distance, the launch is all we see. We don’t get to see the massive amount of testing and preparation that happens behind the scenes long before each launch occurs.

The steps taken by the astronauts leading up to the big moment are crucial for the success of the launch.

They must be healthy and in good shape. They practice moving in a zero gravity chamber down here on earth so they can learn how to move themselves through the air up in space. The pilot has to learn to use a couple thousand control switches. And, it cannot go without saying that there are tons of highly trained experts on the ground providing support. 

Let’s use the example goal of wanting to run a 10k but, um, you’re not a runner…yet. Should you run a whole 10K on your first day of training? No, you wouldn’t. You’d start small and eventually work your way up to the whole 10K. Also, you wouldn’t wear jeans when you run. You’d choose something appropriate for running. You might even purchase fancy running shoes down the road. You get the picture though, right?  


Get Moving

Shop Space Rocket KitsHow about your goal? Go ahead and write down the answers to these questions and when you’re done figure out where to put them so you’ll see them regularly.

  • What are my steps and in what order do they need to be done? 
  • Do I need to stop or cut back on doing something else to make time for these steps?
  • Do I need to buy or borrow anything to get started? Who can I ask for help or encouragement along the way? 
  • What will I do to celebrate when I reach my goal? Is it okay if I need to change it along the way?

While you’re putting your rocket together, I want you think about a project or goal you’d like to reach. If you’re not into setting goals, maybe the practice of thinking it through will give you the tools to go for it. Go ahead write that project or goal on paper where you’ll add to it in a couple minutes, and if you want, you can write it on your rocket where you’ll be able to see it. If you choose to write on the rocket you’ll need to do that before you get started.

Small steps done well along the way will lead to that big, rocket-launching moment of you reaching your goal.

Rockets don’t launch into space all the time because they require time and preparation! The process of working toward your goal will take time. It should take time! Set yourself up with a good plan early on by making choices that will lead to your successful launch. Good luck!

Written by Loretta Washburn