Vintage Camper: Life Lesson

When I crafted the Vintage Camper and it got me thinking: What’s in my camper? You could ask: what’s in your camper?

You see the stuff in our camper can do one of two things: it could be so heavy that it weighs us down - making forward movement really hard. OR it could loaded with stuff that helps us on our journey - like extra food or gas - it helps us to keep going.

This is kinda like life, isn’t it? We have things we kinda carry - inside of us. Things that either can weigh us down or help us keep going. And honestly, sometimes we don’t even know what is packed inside - we just notice we’re feeling or acting a certain way. We’re mad, frustrated, sad or we could be feeling good, happy, excited, thankful. Just like we pack up to go somewhere, like camping or vacation, we think about what would help us - we could be just thoughtful when we consider the things packed with us. Because there’s a BIG POINT - don’t miss it:

Your camper can only hold so much: so if you’re holding a lot of the stuff that’s weighing you down, you don’t have much space leftover for the good stuff. 


What's an example of bad stuff? Someone said something mean, a trust could have been broken, a bad thought you had.

What's an example of good stuff? A nice thing someone did or said, people you are thankful for, things you did that were hard, times where you didin’t give up.

Remember you can only hold so much in your camper: so when something bad happens we can choose to let it go - not pick it up, not add it to you camper. Instead we can look for something good and add that to our stash.


Get Moving

shop vintage camper paper craft kitsSo - what’s in your camper? If you have your Vintage Camper Kit here’s a neat thing you can do - take the body pieces- and write some good things on it. Pack good things in your camper by listing them out - and so when you see this camper you can remember the good things you’re carrying and unpack the bad.

If this lesson hit home with you, please review and share with your friends. Each month we’ll share another lesson accompanied with a paper craft kit.

Thanks for reading and remember - keep exploring, be Unstationary!