What are your strengths?

Have you ever thought about how many kinds of robots exist? They’re in hospitals, outer space, factories, underwater, in our homes and many of them are doing things that are too repetitive, too tedious or just too dangerous for humans.

Just like specialized robots have been built with a specific purpose in mind. I would like to suggest that each of us have a specific purpose, too. 

If this is your first time reflecting on the things you’re good at, may I suggest journaling what you discover about yourself along the way? Don’t worry about whether or not anyone agrees with you. This is personal and isn’t meant to go before a committee who will decide if those things are true. It’s just for you.

So have you ever felt like you’re just a natural at something? Do certain abilities you have tend to make you feel good about yourself? Like somehow you just instinctively knew how to dribble a soccer ball with your feet, you remember your friends birthdays without a calendar to remind you, plan a party, lead a group during a project, prepare and memorize a speech or cook dinner from scratch. 

What are some of those things for you? It doesn’t have to be something major that gives you a bigger following on Instagram, just something that comes easy to you.  

We were designed differently on purpose. We have unique strengths, talents, and abilities. Using them actually sharpens them and makes them stronger. Using your natural talents also honors who you’re meant to be. The first step, though- you need to identify what those strengths are!

Imagine an inventor with an idea for their robot in mind. They spend countless hours tweaking it, calibrating it, and doing test runs again and again on their creation. When they’re successful, when they see their robot is doing what it was designed to do, well, I imagine a smile coming across their face and a sense of pride or victory growing in their heart. For the robot though, there’s no confusion, fear, or hesitating, it’s just doing what it does best, what it was meant to do! 

As fascinating as robots are, they cannot have a heart, a mind, thoughts and emotions like we can.

We can learn new things. Our minds are free to change course and explore unknown territories whenever we want to. Fun fact- developing things you’re good at actually paves the way to being successful when you try something else!

Get Moving

Going back to your journal, think about and jot down a few areas in which you would like to grow? Based on your confidence from the things you do well, are there some hobbies or skills you’d like to try? I hope you’ll keep these thoughts in a place where you’ll see

Written by Loretta Washburn