Teachable Moment Activity About Influences for Kids – Unstationary

Free Teachable Moment Activity: Help Kids Visualize How We Impact One Another with Paint!

A free teachable moment activity, fitting for early childhood and preschool!

Has your child, after spending the night with a friend, come home and announced that NOW they like green beans? Or perhaps a few colorful words have been added to their growing vocabulary. It's important for our children to learn how other people can influence us, just like we can have an impact on them.

Using paint, in this easy and guided visual teachable moment, we'll help you explain to young kiddos how we mix with each other. 

Materials needed

    • Free print-out (on white cardstock) download here
    • 2 paint colors (pick some that mix well together: yellow+blue, red+blue, yellow+red)
    • Brushes, but we prefer fingers
    • A distraction free zone

The flow

  1. Share with your kiddo you're going to be doing a special art project
  2. Don't get into what you're trying to teach, just move with the provided prompts
  3. As your wrap up, point examples of good and bad influences
  4. Hang the art your fridge as a visual reminder of the lesson


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