About Us


Unstationary was birthed by a visual content agency called Thrice Studio. They create paper illustrations for companies big and small.  

As Thrice Studio grew, creative conferences around the country started to take notice and eventually started asking them to host paper crafting workshops. At the workshops, participants were able to construct their own paper craft to display at home.

After each workshop there were adventurous participants asking if there were any kits they could take home to their families. Thrice Studio saw the desire for people to explore, bond with others, and escape a highly distracting world through craft which propelled them to start bringing extra kits to each workshop.

But then they had a thought: What if there was a way to reach a larger group of people? So Unstationary was formed as a way to bring Thrice Studio’s kits and values to all the who are crafty-curious.



Unstationary is about bringing people together to build memories . Our sets are designed to encourage curiosity as well as perseverance. We believe those two ideas are the backbone of any successful and well-lived life.

Unstationary is about lifting people up out of undesirable situations. As we grow, we plan to employ people who need to remove themselves from difficult places. Whether that is just exiting a toxic workplace or something as awful as women leaving human trafficking situations, we want to help.

Unstationary is about helping the community. We produce a lot of paper scraps, all of which are donated to the art classes of local elementary schools to use in student projects. We believe that something that seems small can make a big impact.

Join us in making the world a better place! We can’t wait to see what we can build together.