About Unstationary

About Us


Unstationary exists to make mental health fun for kids and adults.

How did Unstationary come to be?

Alicja has been in a therapy, a lot. Years. On top of that, though it wasn't her career, she has counseled teens for over a decade through high-school ministries. Alicja's full-time gig is a paper illustrator for tech companies and marketing agencies. 

Through her service to others she learned the power of the visual analogy. Also from her experience she knew that if people arrived at their own idea, instead of it being told to them, the idea itself was more sticky. The idea had a deeper impact and longer shelf-life.

Unstationary's tactic was born: question-based journaling prompts centered around a visual analogy. 


Who all is part of the team?

Cee, Alicja's mom, is Chief Chaos Officer. No, really. She has a plaque on her desk. She helps with cutting the kits and shipping them out. She also tests all the assembly instructions to ensure they are clear and concise (and accurate!).

Loretta, is our resident child expert. Having worked with children and students for nearly twenty years, she understands how to break down ideas into nuggets that are child-sized and child-framed.

Kat, being our youngest teammate, helps us keep things fresh and lookin' good. She helps with our illustrations on the instructions, dope photos, and neat additions to the paper-craft kits.